Let’s face it. You clicked on this page because you’re having doubts. You haven’t said anything out loud yet: your sister doesn’t know, your best friend doesn’t know; your partner is perfectly oblivious. And yet, here you are. You’re wondering if the person you are with today is going to be the person you are with a year from now. 

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How can you be sure?

You know you love this person, you’ve been through a lot together. But something inside you isn’t sure. 

Are you still in love? Is this the person you’re going to get a dog with, sign a lease with, start a family with? Maybe you’ve already taken these steps together and it still doesn’t feel like enough. Do you even want the same things anymore?

Maybe it's you. 


Here's what you keep thinking: There’s something wrong with you. You will never be satisfied, you’ll always be looking for something better, and if you break up with this person you’ll be signing a permanent one bedroom lease with the cat.

Or maybe it's them

Sometimes this thought creeps in: Maybe there is something wrong with my partner. They’re different than they used to be, they’ve lost their spark, they can be so annoying...and when’s the last time they told you how hot you are? You experience a little relief that it’s not you. But then the guilt bowls you over, and you literally cannot imagine the moment when you would say to your partner: I can’t do this anymore.

Discover what's missing. 

You come to the conclusion that it’s the relationship itself.  Netflix AGAIN, another fight, you’ve become such different people... 

Therapy can help you see where your feelings are really coming from and help you decide whether what you have is worth holding onto.

Together,  we will help you:

  • Explore your doubts

  • Learn what you really want from a relationship

  • Remember who you are outside of the relationship

  • Understand your physical and emotional needs

  • Understand how your communication patterns impact your relationship

  • Find the confidence to take the next step

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