Pregnancy & Parenthood

You’re here because you are starting or trying to start a family. This is an exciting time that can also leave you riddled with feelings of anxiety, self-doubt, and social isolation. I’ve been working with pregnant people for more than a decade, first as a doula and now as a therapist.

New Parenthood

Returning to Work

Challenges to Reproduction

Small Groups


Pregnancy can be a challenging time and one that often goes unacknowledged. With so much anticipation centered around the birth of your baby and newborn care, it can feel like there isn’t a lot of space for your own prenatal worries and anxieties.

I’ve been supporting pregnant people for the last decade, first as a doula and now as a therapist. I know intimately the expectations that are put on new moms and that these are felt from the moment you get that first positive pregnancy test.

Together, we will help you:

  • Alleviate fear and anxiety with concrete techniques

  • Plan for the birth and newborn period

  • Survive physical changes

  • Prepare your relationship for the arrival of a child

  • Explore your own childhood experiences and your relationship to your parents

  • Connect to resources (doulas, providers, birth classes)


New Parenthood

If you’re in this immediate postpartum phase, you may be experiencing some feelings of anxiety and sadness, often called the “baby blues.”

You may find that your feelings of fear are overwhelming your feelings of love toward your baby. You may be worried that you are at risk for postpartum depression. Maybe you aren’t telling anyone how you feel  because you are embarrassed that you aren’t better at this or ashamed that you don’t like it more. The social isolation is wearing on you, yet you aren’t sure of a safe place to turn to.

As a seasoned doula and therapist, I’m here to see you through this intense transition.

Together, we will help you: 

  • Care for your newborn with confidence

  • Alleviate feelings of anxiety, fear, and sadness with concrete techniques

  • Process any birth trauma you may have experienced

  • Meaningfully reconnect with your partner

  • Be kind to yourself during this transition

  • Connect to resources (sleep trainers, new mom groups, lactation consultants)

Returning to Work

You’ve made it through the first three months with your newborn, and now it’s time to go back to work. You feel conflicted, both excited to get back to your career and sad to be leaving your baby. You are busier than you’ve ever been, juggling so many things at once. Your anxiety has increased and you’re not sure how to manage it alone.

The first year of motherhood is tough. The feelings of doubt and ambivalence you are experiencing are incredibly common and, sadly, incredibly silenced. It’s the curse of living in a society where women have to look and act totally put together at all times if they want to be seen as good or capable. If you’re experiencing any of these feelings, I can help.

Together, we will help you: 

  • Alleviate your anxiety and stress with concrete techniques

  • Successfully return to the workforce

  • Learn to love the realities of “having it all”

  • Deal with societal expectations

  • Rediscover your Self

  • Reclaim your sex life

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Challenges to Reproduction

Sometimes no matter how much you plan and prepare, the difficult reality is that pregnancy doesn’t always happen when we want it to. This can bring up feelings of sadness, inadequacy, hopelessness, and anxiety. It can also impact the most important relationships in our lives and leave us wondering what the next step should be.


  • Fertility Challenges

  • Pregnancy loss

  • Abortion

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Small Groups

Does your experience of trying to start a family often feel socially isolating? Do you feel like you’ve lost connection with those close to you because they just don’t understand?

I offer small support groups so that you can have the opportunity to share your experiences with individuals who are going through similar experiences. The following groups are offered at different times throughout the year. Please reach out to me if you are interested in learning more.

Small Group Topics Include:

  • After-Abortion

  • Prenatal Anxiety

  • Fertility Challenges

  • Pregnancy Loss

  • Birth Trauma

  • New Parent