Individual Therapy

When confronting a major life transition many feelings and issues can come up. Some of these may be new for you and some of them you may have been battling for quite some time.

Living better. Feeling Better.

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You’re here now because you’ve reached the point where you can’t take the pain and discomfort anymore. You’re ready for some relief. You want to feel better, but you also want to take a closer look at the thing that’s making you feel bad so that if it ever comes back, you’ll know how to manage it.

Connect the Dots.

You’re also here because you want someone who will challenge you to go deeper, who will help you see the parts of yourself that aren’t serving you anymore. You want someone who will help you connect the past to the present to the future, who will help you see harmful patterns and guide you through changing them.

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I’m here to be this person for you.

I’m a licensed clinical social worker with postgraduate training in modern psychoanalysis. I tailor my approach to your unique needs and rely on the art and magic of the therapeutic relationship to guide the healing process.

Because admitting that you need help does not take away from what you’ve accomplished in your life.


Approaches to Treatment

Mindfulness-based CBT
Family Systems
Existential Therapy
Acceptance and Commitment Therapy


Treatment Specializations

Generalized Anxiety & Social Anxiety
Anger and Affect Management  
Extreme Stress

Relationship Doubts
Career Stress
Pregnancy & Parenthood