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“Eye-opening...Throughout, the authors’ stories are vivid, absorbing, and informative. A gripping chronicle that will be especially useful for expectant and aspirational mothers.” - Kirkus

“Thoughtful...The writing is clear, and the message is too: reproductive justice for the poor starts with the ‘quiet brand of activism’ of one-on-one support and telling other people’s stories. “  - Publisher’s Weekly

“Honest, raw, and charged...The Doulas is part memoir, part how-to manual, and part political treatise...It’s a well-crafted, comprehensive, and compelling mix.” - Rewire

“Full-spectrum doula work is genius. The stories in this incredible book show what we can achieve when we put reproductive rights first.” - Cecile Richards, former President of Planned Parenthood Federation of America

“Brilliant, thoughtful, and comprehensive.” - Dr. Willie Parker


On the Precipice of Parenthood: Shifting Identities Within the Pregnant Self. Mary Mahoney, Lauren Mitchell, & Renee Bedard. Demeter Press, 2019

When pregnancy is addressed in popular and political culture, the focus is often on the outcome: the new mother and her baby. The experiences immediately preceding parenthood – conception, pregnancy, and birth – tend to be folded into a singular, idealized, and, ultimately alienating, narrative. In reality, matrescence, or the process of becoming a mother, can be a messy, disorienting rite of passage, fraught with intense psychical and physical changes that disrupt one’s sense of self. The ambivalence associated with this complex identity shift can leave parents-to-be feeling anxious, frustrated, and full of self-doubt amidst the feelings of joy and love toward the person growing inside them. This anthology considers the profound impact pregnancy has on views of self and worth, as pregnant people stand on the precipice of an immense life change. Highlighting the personal narratives of the authors while including crucial theoretical insights, this volume explores themes of memory and trauma, family history and cultural expectation, guilt and shame, anticipation and hope. Contributors touch on topics such as advanced maternal age, queer conception, adoption, chronic illness, and loss. This collection effectively captures the unique, individual experience of pregnancy while uplifting the collective struggle of selfhood that arises within the process of creating a family.

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